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This course shows you how to use Adobe Photoshop to perform many different image processing techniques. In this course, you will learn how to use several tools for selecting parts of images, and will move, duplicate and resize images. You will learn to use layers, layer effects, filters, painting and blending, and color modification. Also, you will learn how to create images of different formats for different applications


1 Lesson per week

5 weeks Lesson

price 150 euros


Lesson 1

Exploring PhotoshopIntroduction to the Photoshop environment,Customize the Photoshop, Workspace with presets Opening, closing and saving images,Creating new files,File formats and which ones to use.Lesson


Lesson 2

Making and working with selectionsMarquee tools,Lasso tools,Quick Selection and Magic Wand tool,Options palette,Refine Edges Feature,Cropping an Image and Erasing with a Selection,Quick Mask,Saving a selection,Correcting, editing and enhancing selections.


Lesson 3

Painting and Retouching ImagesBrushes and how to use them, Using the Analysis Tools, Retouch an image, Clone Stamp tools, Patching tools, Create a Gradient, Create a Pattern.


Lesson 4

Enhancing an ImageUsing and learning the Filters, Using Adjustments. Working with LayersHow layers work and things to be aware of, Create and Use Layers, Use and save Layer Styles, Work with Multiple Layers, Layer masks, Vector Layers and Search function.


Lesson 5

Correcting Digital PhotographsSpecial Filters and Adjustments to help with correcting, Getting around tricky problems with images.


Typographic DesignThe type tools and what you can do with them, Formatting your text, Things to be aware of.


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Introduction to Photoshop English language